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Sawing & Cutting

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Table Saw
Site Saw Bench
Price & Specification

A must for wood sawing on site. This sturdy contractors saw can be used for site work such as large panel cutting.

Small Table Saw
Portable Saw Bench
Price & Specification

A lightweight portable saw for cutting sheets and boards. Max cut 77mm

Flipover Saw
Flip Over Mitre Saw
Price & Specification

Can be used as a bench saw or flipped over and used as mitre saw, ideal for shop fitting, etc.

Mitre Saw
Hand Mitre Saw
Price & Specification

Simple to use saw for joints in picture frames, skirting, etc.

Crosscut & Mitre Saw
Price & Specification

The tool for cutting accurate bevels and mitres. An easy to use versatile saw that's a must for most joinery work.

Sliding Double Bevel Mitre Saw
Price & Specification

An essential for the professional joiner. This versatile saw performs compound cuts, cross cuts, bevels and mitres.

Price & Specification

For cutting straight lines or curves in wood, plastic or sheet metal, quick and easy to use.

Circular Saw
Price & Specification

For fast accurate cutting in timber, plywood, block board and MDF.

Festool TS 55
Plunge Cut Circular Saw
Price & Specification

A Circular Saw that can plunge cut to 55mm and run along a rail. Suitable for a vast number of jobs. Comes complete with 1400mm Guide Rail.

Alligator Saw
Alligator Saw
Price & Specification

A general purpose saw with twin cutting blades for fast cutting in wood and thermal block.

Cordless Jigsaw
Price & Specification

For cutting straight lines and curves in wood, plastic or  sheet metal, without obstructive cables.

Cordless Trim Saw
Price & Specification

For cutting and ripping wood without the hassle of power cables getting in the way.

Cordless Recipro Saw
Price & Specification

Ideal for plumbers, joiners and similar trades. The uses for this reciprocating saw are almost endless.

Bench Top Cut-Off Saw
Price & Specification

Cuts metal pipes, rods and sections quickly and accurately on site.

Straight Grinder
Price & Specification

Removes burrs & swarf from cut metal.

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